A Country Arts Practice

Offering a Community Arts experience for everybody in the region of Gladstone,Queensland.

Community is about inclusion – for people from all walks of life; all ages and abilities.

My small community arts business, A Country Arts Practice offers group workshops in a wide variety of community settings where people can come together to strengthen a sense of belonging in the local community, via a creative platform.

These creative opportunities will assist in paving a way for each individual to achieve artistic aspirations by exploring and experiencing the processes of making art, collaboratively.

A Country Arts Practice offers to connect with organisations and businesses to form community partnerships so that art projects can be made by a broad and diverse range of people, together from the Gladstone region.

Coordination and facilitation of projects is provided, and mentorship will also be offered through the business, where students or school aged children and teenagers can gain further insight into community art practices.

For people with disability and older people, the interaction will be customised in accordance with the participants needs, interests and goals. The support can be tailored to work with Therapists, for example.

Through this creative platform, the workshops and projects intend to increase self-esteem, aspirations for the future and improve each participants mental health.

A Country Arts Practice makes Sustainable Art, and holds a strong focus on Environmental and Ecological art practices.

For more information and further enquiries, please get in touch.

A Country Arts Practice is a Registered Business and holds a Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency.